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Aleksey Mochalin

Network Engineer


About the project

TacacsGUI is an open source project that was created to support Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) for different kinds of device. It includes various open-source libraries, plugins and of course the core of the project – TACACS+ daemon created by Marc Huber. TacacsGUI is a young project, but it is already a powerful tool to manage different kinds of device. Brief list of the main implemented features:

  • Support LDAP (Windows AD and OpenLDAP). It is a powerful feature that can help company to use local user database that is stored in Active Directory. Moreover, you can useActive Directory group to filter user access to particular devices.
  • Support One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication. It is a substitution of very expensive method of user authentication via token. Now user can use his own mobile device to generate OTP. The benefit of that solution is that password is not stored and it changes every minutes or less. The solution based on standard RFC 4226.
  • Support Access Control List. It helps to easily restrict device access for a user or a group.
  • Full Logging of AAA. It is a database of all events that device sent to the server. When was user authenticated, what command did user execute and so on.

TacacsGUI is a scalable solution with no limit of users or devices.

I will add some information here, but you can always contact me by email developer@tacacsgui.com.

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