Links to download tacacsGUI project

OVA File

download it from one of the link below

Google Drive Logo Google Drive

Yandex Disk Logo Yandex Disk

Root user of the system (Ubuntu terminal) is tacgui/tacgui

MySQL root and tgui_user passwords you can find inside of

For the security reasons I recommend to change all default users!

The OVA file with api version is 0.9.73.

Manual Installation

Google Drive Logo Download ISO

Yandex Disk Logo Download ISO


Install from ISO, while installation set correct static IP (if you don’t use DHCP) with Internet access. After Installation use credentials tacgui/tacgui and execute command sudo /home/tacgui/tgui_install/ silent. And full installation will completed in few minutes, without any questions.


If you want to know more please move to Manual Installation section.

The latest version is 0.9.74.